Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Feathers come Wedges...

Sunday Morning had me running around the Melbourne Exhibition Centre in a divine daze for none other than the Fashion-Exposed Trade fair. So many new items, so much colour, new designs and different techniques that had my mind manically trying to metabolise it all.

Vee Love, a Syd
ney based design house had me entranced right from the moment I stepped into the stall. Flirty, fabulous, fantastic, party-tarty, mini dresses ready to make anyone rock it stepping out onto the dance floor. Lots of Black, and Lots of colour - take your pick prom princesses, you can have anything you like. My favorite, these tiny tight feathered creations, in violet and canary – oh where can I wear you and make a scene (I'm way past prom...)! I’m thinking NYE ladies, always an excuse to go OTT.

Waltzing down to the Shoe Fair and accessories collections I noticed these fine divine wedges-come-heels. The standout justification for me, a stained-glass-rainbow effect teamed with a bit of a Louis Vuitton styled heel. These fabulous fabric tie ensembles had me harassing the stall owner for stockists in Melbourne. These heels teamed in perfect delight with a pair of denim mini shorts and a flirt
y top for balmy Summer nights along the St Kilda boardwalk. The label, Ameise-me apparently do have a few stockists in Melbourne, which I will be calling first thing this week to secure a pink set in a size 7 thankyou!

Just a few other more items I am thinking of adding to the wardrobe...


*things I don't need, but must have*

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