Monday, August 31, 2009

Spring Flings...

Spring is the beginning of new things, new conquests and new loves, goodbye Winter hues, boots and gloves…. But only for another season, we will see you soon when the first leaves drop come fall.

Flowers begin to blossom, the mornings come brighter and sun does shine much whiter. We begin to remember the florals from last season, parties and events all of which are for a definite reason.

Down to Flemington the hoards make their way, for a lucky start in fashion or the stakes come derby day. And then there comes those Spring Flings, held together on wispy romantic whims – will you be lucky in love this spring?

Mani’s, Pedi’s, Waxing, special spa retreat delights, check your legs ladies, because no Spring outfit is acceptable in tights.

And on comes the carousel of colour whether it be iridescent lollipop shades or soft delicate pastels which subtly cause a stir. Stay true to your colours, believe in your style and stay true to yourself.

Promise me you will make it your September to remember.

x !

Blair and Serena - beginning Spring Flings in a floralescent style


  1. When I hear the word "Spring" it reminds me of warmer days, lots of colourful outfits, heavy jewellery and happiness!
    So I am very excited also! Hurray for Spring!!