Friday, September 11, 2009

Live Happy... Love Happy...

‘Everything in here just makes me happy,’ Jade squeals as she delightfully pulls off the rack a cream filigree bodice come 50’s style black tulle dress . The Alannah Hill boutique is filled with perfect spring reasons to want absolutely everything in there. From satin-flower-pop head pieces, or her beautifully-bowed belts or graceful girlie gloves, we all seem to want to play dress ups in her magical empire. This empire seems to be the perfect grounding for inspiration come Melbourne’s Spring Racing season, which is not too far away.

Down at the Fame Agenda Boutique I fell in love with this gorgeous Camilla and Marc ballerina belle. Three fine layers of dove-grey tulle, a bodice which portrays classic beauty teamed with a perfect hemline inspires me for this spring. The beautiful cut of the dress, the fine tulle and magical vibes of this ballerina piece make me happy and want to have it. But back to reality, I don’t really need it, shouldn’t drop the dollars and I have something very similar in another shade at home. Disappointment strikes as I place this belle back on the rack, but I know it’s for the best.

What makes you happy and makes you smile? Are their certain vices in your life that can take you away for a split second from reality. Whether your vice may be in fact destructive to yourself or to your pretty purse and ultimately even to your self-esteem, are you strong enough to say no when it’s time. When you sit back and think about it, do these things or people (in some cases) really make you happy.. or are they just a mask to cover something else you’re trying to get away from.

I guess when all else fails purchase what you like… if it makes you happy, makes you look fantastic and sends you on a fashionable high, then why not take the ride…

Live happy, love happy, do happy as you would want others to do to you…

… do whatever it takes

x !

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