Monday, September 7, 2009

My Loves of MSFW

For devoted lovers of fashion, MSFW tends to leave you exhausted in the follow up afterwards and in a serious state of 'i want, i need' for many weeks to come... until something else new is thrust into the limelight...naturally.

Highlights for me - the Designer Series shows with the likes of Australia's most well known designers. In particular, Gorman (as I am not usually a fan), had me surprised with some serious silhouettes and devotion to color. This funny little ruffle ensemble, with a contrasting a lollipop stripe, aqua, leopard come black array of tiered silk has made its way onto my want list. Simply too good with a pair of superstar latex leggings or washed back denim skinnie-minnies - pop with a pair of killer heels and you are ready to go darling!

Akira - perfect as always stunned us all with his amazing couture creations. Everything always so soft, textured and dreamlike makes us all a part of his surreal designs. Apart from his whimsical bridal pieces (if you like), delicate shots of colour in vermilion and lemon brought this SS09 dream to life.

Aurelio Costarella whose name seems to be aligned with elegance spun the wheel of colour also with vermilion (note: watch this colour and add a piece to your wardrobe for this season, especially you brunettes!), and some serious shades of blues in different hues. We were able to experience fine couture like style with firm fitting bodices showing deep filigree embroidery amid wispy petals and ties of a deeper shades.

Until then, enjoy and want, until the next thing comes along...

x !

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