Friday, September 18, 2009

Stilletto Stalking

August, September brings all of the new goodies into the stores for the spring…stilettos in particular. We go in to these houses of heels hoping to find the perfect heeled delight for the season to come. This brings me to the subject of stiletto stalking – where one hunts out, finds, justifies and pursues the stiletto.

Too much colour for the heel has taken my fancy this spring – anything in a pop-tastic shade of rainbow from perfect pink to shock blue has had me in total despair. Toodling around last weekend I discovered these barbie-like neon pink wonders… I’m liking the arch, the wearable height, and of course… the sunglasses required hue. Tip – if you lose me next time you’re out, turn the lights out and look for these glowing girls!

Next on my list – another pair of Emilio Pucci’s for the collection (I will tell you all about my love for the master of colour and print in time soon to come). There is no actual need for this purchase, just a high in fluctuated desire, it’s been over a year since the last Pucci-Purchase and must satisfy my needs. With my severe want for colour this season and stand out shoes, why not pursue Pucci?

Apparently stilettos were invented by a man, and crazed feminists call them sexist – I call them pure genius, when you are 5ft 3” (or maybe 4” – never be honest about your height), a stiletto pops you right up in there, into the super-model stratosphere.

Would you like to join me in stiletto stalking? I say some of us were born to wear stillettos!

x !

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