Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Night Wants...

Strutting around Southgate on a Friday night makes you open your eyes to things you should need not see, but want… for us… the one and only American Rag – home to very vintage apparel.

If you prefer to prom-queen it for the 50’s, swing through the 60’s, disco around the 70’s and trash-pash-it through the 80’s then this in your place of purchase. With divine vintage pieces salvaged from thrift shops around NYC it’s definitely worth the splurge. (yes, this is your chance to get a bit of Carrie Bradshaw vintage a little more closer to home!)

The great thing about vintage is, when you love something you just really have to have it – reasons being:

· because it’s something completely different and close to a one off
· or, you know this is your one and only chance to have it… (couldn’t have someone else running of with your new found collectable)
· or for some, to feel a part of a world from a long time and place ago.

97% of all vintage garments in proper vintage shops are classic, and that is the most clever thing about them – they don’t date, they continuously please crowds, and you don’t ever seem to want to part with them. They are almost like a collectable, for those of you who adore fashion.

And with that, I’ll leave you with Carmela… who is in completion admiration for this fabulous tangerine toca 60’s shift…

P.S – check out the 70’s floral flutter sleeve dress on the right… too good…


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