Saturday, August 22, 2009

black and white...

Today is Sunday, the morning after, and I talk to you today about black and white. No grey tones murking inbetween, just simply one way or the other. Left or Right? Up or Down?

Melbourne’s Inner City club’s soirees dressed in those monochromatic hues, and few splashed in colour pre-spring , and others lathered n black with those who dare and prepare in white. According to fashion folklore Black is more sinister, sexy and grown up, while white tends to portray an image of innocence, purity and naivety.

Do you act accordingly inline to the way in which you dress? Does a tight little black dress mean you will party tarty - does a gorgeous white shift mean lady of the day? What choices do you make when it comes to dressing for a certain behavioural role…do your past experiences influence how you present yourself in this world today?

Do you let other individuals influence your fashion choices as to follow the crowd with trends, you don’t have the confidence, or tone it down because a significant other won’t let you shine?

We all have the right to make our own choice, in fashion, in life, in love…

Can you take the high road and not look black?

Or will you gamble and believe the white lies, you tell me if it’s worth it and I may consider.

x !

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