Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I remember...

ntitled Stationery
Untitled Stationery
Versace Atelier Couture, Spring/Summer 2002. For me, it was my first year studying fashion, I needed inspiration, guidance and something to fall in love with.

This collection described by Donatella herself, as 'a circus of color and crystal' will forever remain in my deep fashion-memoirs. The range of severe contrasting colors teamed with sparkling sentiments scattered over goddess-gowns still strikes a pose for me, seven years worth of fashion later.

My favorite was always the hot pink mini-dress, defiant square neckline teamed with bold lines of livid-lime, horizon blue and black, clearly making a standout statement on its own. Don't worry about a jacket, don't even worry about the shoes, this dress will do all the talking. To me this style is a classic, because I don't think there would have been one moment where I would not have wanted to prance about in it... just because it isn't black doesn't mean it isn't a classic. I would have sold my soul to have this dress back back in 2002 and highly still likely now.

Next on my list, the dazzling tiny romper in its sequined solace, rainbow palette and swinging tassels. Some you may think ridiculous, but what a work of art - it deserves to be on display in a fashion realm or gallery of some sort. It reminds me of marching girls or ballet dancers, but in Versace Couture. Where would you wear this one in all it's glory?

Following this, a star-spangled statue of tulle, chiffon and silk takes the next place (although there is about 20 other pieces in this collection I could continue to go on about). It reminds me of stars in the sky on a clear night casting a perfect shine to captivate an intimate audience. While most would need to be a size 6 and 185cm tall to wear something like this, we can still dream can't we ...

What is your first memory of something you inspire to?


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