Sunday, August 30, 2009

Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton

This Saturday night brought me to the ACMI with a fine friend in Valeria, to see none other than Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton on film. An artistically composed collaboration of all things Marc and all things Vuitton (that Marc does so well) had me sitting on the edge of my seat.

We were lucky enough to be allowed into the magical world of Marc Jacobs behind the scenes, from his New York workshops with devoted staff, his backstage fashion shows with flawless models and his personal moments where his design ideas seem to engage him and everyone else around. We learned that Marc lives off protein shakes and bars, pins, finger nails and cigarettes teamed with very late nights and early starts to get him where he is today. His ideas and inspiration seem like an endless stream of enviable creativity, which metamorphose into styles and designs that the world of fashion follows lovingly every season.

Continuously living life in the fast lane, Jacobs jets off to Paris back and forth, to none other than the offices of Louis Vuitton. Here we were allowed into the surreal realm of what goes on during the creative process at this famous French fashion house. From distressing fabric flowers for headbands under an industrial iron, or perfecting a slashed hole in a t-shirt, everything is done with immense style and care, only the best for the very best.

Staying true to the Vuitton monogram Marc incorporates the logo each season into different mediums for the world-famous bags, whether it be denim, vinyl, appliqué , or teaming up with an inspirational artist for further design dramatics. The epitome of Marc’s bag design – the contrasting patchwork LV Tribute bag, a cool £35,000 for those of you who can afford to splurge. A collaboration of fifteen famous LV bags including the denim, the red vernis and the classic brown monogram and others, all held together with gold hardware and finished perfectly with a large gold chain to fashionably hang from your forearm. Jacobs decided himself that this would ‘look best with bare long sexy legs.’

Contrasting the lives of these two great fashion houses between the one man from New York to Paris was indeed an inspirational viewing for those who adore fashion. I highly recommend you go and see this film if you are lover of all things that inspire great design.

Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, what a great start to Melbourne Spring Fashion Week!

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