Tuesday, August 18, 2009

tutti fruitti

Spending my lunch break enjoying today's delightful sunshine - the creative forces in my mind started ticking away.

Colour of the moment for me.... Watermelon. Bright, Iridescent, Lolly-pop Watermelon. A perfect contrast with the platinum locks (and also for you lovely brunettes), it seems to style well with metallics and can be spliced with any other hue from the fruit box. I think I may embark on a small project for this weekend, a kaftan dress, in watermelon silk, with a gold rope belt, gold fanned earings... etc...e

Other colours of the moment... (as I don't ever stop at one)...
  • Lime; Neon Lime in either large or small doses, the colour seems to work well with black and a little bit of Bleached out denim. One of my favorite purchases is a pair of Marc Jacobs Neon Lime pumps, the perfect pump in the perfect colour.
  • Acidic Purple, that rude shade that makes everyone look - they all scream fluro!!! But, deep down we all love a bit of it. Always available in fabulous accessories.
  • Cobalt Blue, any takers? Yes I bet you are all keen.
The most important point to consider when playing with these shades, if you dare, is to use them as an accent, no one wants to experience techni-colour vomit and fluro-fury, like someone I used to know.

So team up your next black outfit with a snippet of colour on your heels or around your neck, or for you that dare, opt for a bright ensemble next time you hit the street!


no photos after 2am thanks...
But you can snap my lime pumps and purple bag at any time

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