Monday, September 28, 2009

the legacy of barbarella

So here I give you what I have been working on the last few months, a small intricate collection of the colours, silhouettes and dolls I love…

Inspired by a Fashionable Carnival of colour, for those who adore fashion and require something a little bit different...

For girls who want to clearly just want to dance and prance...

All sales enquiries to

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x !

Sunday, September 27, 2009

because leopards never change their spots...

Like most ladies, I have a servere addition for high heels, the higher the more exciting and the more costly… the bigger the head rush. Christian Louboutin, an icon in his own right, and in my terms ‘the king of high heels’ seems to tip the top of stiletto mountain. A destiny set in stone, influenced by the things he loved and adored around him, he was surely destined to be something spectacular. Ladies from around the globe know that this name is synonymous with style, success, confidence and not to mention a red sole.

Louboutin styles that always flash in my mind, the ever classic black patent ‘decolette’, or the disco-like ‘Bling Bling’ peep toe pumps and I can’t forget, the striking yet defiant Leopard Pigalle. Anything that propels you approximately 5 inches into the super model stratosphere takes my fancy any time.

These heeled statues inspire me from one reason to the next, from the next outfit, the excitement of possibly owning a pair and how long I will have to starve for so I can add another to my collection!

As we waltz throughout our life (high-heeled or not) we all wonder what has influenced us to take the paths in which we action today, and will proceed with tomorrow. Family, friends, enemies, mentors, celebrities, teachers, heroes, icon’s all seem to contribute to the person that we want to grow up into, want to be remembered by, whether it be for better or for worse. Do some people just seem to have a lucky start in life, while others seem to struggle with things that come so easy to some? Do you want to be the best you can be, or will you sit back and just accept what you have and where you are, and simply just not try anymore. How are you motivated to get what you want out of life, if on the wrong path, can you change to make a stronger destiny for yourself or will you just let fate be your mate.

They say time can change people, that time apparently heals deep wounds and that time makes you grow up, whether you want to or not. Time also gives you the chance to develop within yourself, to find the person you are and realise what you need and what you don’t need. We do however, need people who will support us, look after us and inspire us on our journeys throughout life.

And as for me, I’ll be behaving myself so I can have these fabulous leopard print darlings, and as they say sadly ‘Leopards never change their spots’, but I’ll leave that up to you to decipher.
x !

Friday, September 25, 2009

my legacy...

The last few weeks, I have been a little bit busy… working on a small, intricate collection to please those like to style and dial…

Inspired by colours of the carnival, contrasting hues and subtle lines these looks are for those who prefer to parade perfectly with pleasure.

Stay very very tuned – in the meantime, keep dancing and prancing...

x !

worn by the Beautiful Bianca and Eclectic Emily

Friday Night Wants...

Strutting around Southgate on a Friday night makes you open your eyes to things you should need not see, but want… for us… the one and only American Rag – home to very vintage apparel.

If you prefer to prom-queen it for the 50’s, swing through the 60’s, disco around the 70’s and trash-pash-it through the 80’s then this in your place of purchase. With divine vintage pieces salvaged from thrift shops around NYC it’s definitely worth the splurge. (yes, this is your chance to get a bit of Carrie Bradshaw vintage a little more closer to home!)

The great thing about vintage is, when you love something you just really have to have it – reasons being:

· because it’s something completely different and close to a one off
· or, you know this is your one and only chance to have it… (couldn’t have someone else running of with your new found collectable)
· or for some, to feel a part of a world from a long time and place ago.

97% of all vintage garments in proper vintage shops are classic, and that is the most clever thing about them – they don’t date, they continuously please crowds, and you don’t ever seem to want to part with them. They are almost like a collectable, for those of you who adore fashion.

And with that, I’ll leave you with Carmela… who is in completion admiration for this fabulous tangerine toca 60’s shift…

P.S – check out the 70’s floral flutter sleeve dress on the right… too good…


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Perfect Proenza...

Thanking Proenza Schouler for their fantastic collection shown at NY Spring Fashion Week. Playing down the cool end of the spectrum with shades of livid Lime, creepy cobalt, along with ecstatic animal prints all paved the way for this standout collection. Something about it reminds me of the ‘end of transmission’ signal when Saturday morning Rage finished – for those of you who are ripe enough to remember.

Feeling the fringing teamed with the uber short hemlines – tells me that uber bold is in for the long run. Marvellous Metallics in shades of onyx, emerald and sapphire… loving the black cat tights teamed with these eccentric electric ensembles inspires me from deep within.

So… I’ll leave you to take in the electicity



Friday, September 18, 2009

Stilletto Stalking

August, September brings all of the new goodies into the stores for the spring…stilettos in particular. We go in to these houses of heels hoping to find the perfect heeled delight for the season to come. This brings me to the subject of stiletto stalking – where one hunts out, finds, justifies and pursues the stiletto.

Too much colour for the heel has taken my fancy this spring – anything in a pop-tastic shade of rainbow from perfect pink to shock blue has had me in total despair. Toodling around last weekend I discovered these barbie-like neon pink wonders… I’m liking the arch, the wearable height, and of course… the sunglasses required hue. Tip – if you lose me next time you’re out, turn the lights out and look for these glowing girls!

Next on my list – another pair of Emilio Pucci’s for the collection (I will tell you all about my love for the master of colour and print in time soon to come). There is no actual need for this purchase, just a high in fluctuated desire, it’s been over a year since the last Pucci-Purchase and must satisfy my needs. With my severe want for colour this season and stand out shoes, why not pursue Pucci?

Apparently stilettos were invented by a man, and crazed feminists call them sexist – I call them pure genius, when you are 5ft 3” (or maybe 4” – never be honest about your height), a stiletto pops you right up in there, into the super-model stratosphere.

Would you like to join me in stiletto stalking? I say some of us were born to wear stillettos!

x !

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

to reach for the stars...

A friend recently said to me 'we can always do better, it's just what we choose to settle for...'

In our realms of high expectations, conspicuous consumption and deemed attention we all want the very best - no matter what it takes for some. Whether the very best be in education, a career, social peers, a partner, who we wear or what we heel it around in. Some tend to be extreme extroverts and thrive off material possessions, while others tend to want to succeed with intangible interests.

We all have own measures as to what is acceptable and how far we will drive ourselves to reach for the stars. In a world of fashion sometimes the very best comes at a high price - whether that be financially or in other terms. It's not always about who you wear, but how you wear it...

Leaving you with some of my fatal favories - only the very best...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Live Happy... Love Happy...

‘Everything in here just makes me happy,’ Jade squeals as she delightfully pulls off the rack a cream filigree bodice come 50’s style black tulle dress . The Alannah Hill boutique is filled with perfect spring reasons to want absolutely everything in there. From satin-flower-pop head pieces, or her beautifully-bowed belts or graceful girlie gloves, we all seem to want to play dress ups in her magical empire. This empire seems to be the perfect grounding for inspiration come Melbourne’s Spring Racing season, which is not too far away.

Down at the Fame Agenda Boutique I fell in love with this gorgeous Camilla and Marc ballerina belle. Three fine layers of dove-grey tulle, a bodice which portrays classic beauty teamed with a perfect hemline inspires me for this spring. The beautiful cut of the dress, the fine tulle and magical vibes of this ballerina piece make me happy and want to have it. But back to reality, I don’t really need it, shouldn’t drop the dollars and I have something very similar in another shade at home. Disappointment strikes as I place this belle back on the rack, but I know it’s for the best.

What makes you happy and makes you smile? Are their certain vices in your life that can take you away for a split second from reality. Whether your vice may be in fact destructive to yourself or to your pretty purse and ultimately even to your self-esteem, are you strong enough to say no when it’s time. When you sit back and think about it, do these things or people (in some cases) really make you happy.. or are they just a mask to cover something else you’re trying to get away from.

I guess when all else fails purchase what you like… if it makes you happy, makes you look fantastic and sends you on a fashionable high, then why not take the ride…

Live happy, love happy, do happy as you would want others to do to you…

… do whatever it takes

x !

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Apparently the weather down here in Melbourne is meant to start warming up ... however I'm not feeling it and I'm still parading around in leather, leggings and latex. I find the weather man tends to leave us disapointed, raising our hopes and letting us down - it is mid September and I am expecting some sun shine soon!

So while my spring wardrobe waits patiently to make its way, I have been reverting back to some of my warmer winter wonders. Out come the black cats, jolly jackets and slithering scarves...

As our overseas friends journey into their Autumn Winter Season, some of our current trends I believe will remain strong for our next A/W2010. Having a sneak peak through H&M's Autumn 09 magazine their fashion story Back in Black speaks 1980's powerhouse style. Studded cuff bangles, weighty lacey leggings, those "balmain" shoulders (we all want) spliced with seqúins de noir continue to make their way into our wants or already stashed. This tells me that my Siren sky-high gladiators will have another few seasons of their worth - excellent! (my poor arches are already cringing at the thought...)

So hold tight and keep your winter wardrobe right ... moody Melbourne weather, it can confuse the best of us!
x !

Monday, September 7, 2009

My Loves of MSFW

For devoted lovers of fashion, MSFW tends to leave you exhausted in the follow up afterwards and in a serious state of 'i want, i need' for many weeks to come... until something else new is thrust into the limelight...naturally.

Highlights for me - the Designer Series shows with the likes of Australia's most well known designers. In particular, Gorman (as I am not usually a fan), had me surprised with some serious silhouettes and devotion to color. This funny little ruffle ensemble, with a contrasting a lollipop stripe, aqua, leopard come black array of tiered silk has made its way onto my want list. Simply too good with a pair of superstar latex leggings or washed back denim skinnie-minnies - pop with a pair of killer heels and you are ready to go darling!

Akira - perfect as always stunned us all with his amazing couture creations. Everything always so soft, textured and dreamlike makes us all a part of his surreal designs. Apart from his whimsical bridal pieces (if you like), delicate shots of colour in vermilion and lemon brought this SS09 dream to life.

Aurelio Costarella whose name seems to be aligned with elegance spun the wheel of colour also with vermilion (note: watch this colour and add a piece to your wardrobe for this season, especially you brunettes!), and some serious shades of blues in different hues. We were able to experience fine couture like style with firm fitting bodices showing deep filigree embroidery amid wispy petals and ties of a deeper shades.

Until then, enjoy and want, until the next thing comes along...

x !

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Feathers come Wedges...

Sunday Morning had me running around the Melbourne Exhibition Centre in a divine daze for none other than the Fashion-Exposed Trade fair. So many new items, so much colour, new designs and different techniques that had my mind manically trying to metabolise it all.

Vee Love, a Syd
ney based design house had me entranced right from the moment I stepped into the stall. Flirty, fabulous, fantastic, party-tarty, mini dresses ready to make anyone rock it stepping out onto the dance floor. Lots of Black, and Lots of colour - take your pick prom princesses, you can have anything you like. My favorite, these tiny tight feathered creations, in violet and canary – oh where can I wear you and make a scene (I'm way past prom...)! I’m thinking NYE ladies, always an excuse to go OTT.

Waltzing down to the Shoe Fair and accessories collections I noticed these fine divine wedges-come-heels. The standout justification for me, a stained-glass-rainbow effect teamed with a bit of a Louis Vuitton styled heel. These fabulous fabric tie ensembles had me harassing the stall owner for stockists in Melbourne. These heels teamed in perfect delight with a pair of denim mini shorts and a flirt
y top for balmy Summer nights along the St Kilda boardwalk. The label, Ameise-me apparently do have a few stockists in Melbourne, which I will be calling first thing this week to secure a pink set in a size 7 thankyou!

Just a few other more items I am thinking of adding to the wardrobe...


*things I don't need, but must have*