Saturday, October 3, 2009

Living Life Through Lavender Tinted Shades...

Sneaking back to American Rag earlier in the week I discovered these fabulous original 70’s NOS (New Old Stock – as my father likes to refer to vintage car parts as) Lavender sunglasses. Only did I pick them up for a giggle and laugh, they actually did take my fancy. Very Nicole Richie does 70’s pastille and from Italy themselves!

The best thing about my little (large actually) Italian specs, is that when you put them on, your whole world turns Lavender. The horizon becomes nothing but lavender skies, my cream car laughs in Lavender and my hair looks like I have one of the Magical Silver Purple Rose tints in it. If living a life of Lavender is this good, then what is stopping me from going forward, as nothing now will hold me back.

My Lovely Lavenders let me see no evil, hear no evil or be no evil. Forever farewell to the bad, and hello to the new. The carousel has now started, spinning around in all its magical glory…I’m on board and I truly hope you will join me.
And I will live my life through lavender tinted shades and be only the things I want to be.

x !

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