Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jump Around...

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Thoroughly enjoying Jumpsuits at the moment, or whatever you may refer to them as.... (Playsuits, Onesies, Rompers, HappySuits... etc)

There is something undoubtably disco about any ensemble whether it be from now or from a special time ago, some either Love them, Hate them or are just plain scared of them.

Forever Classic in Black seems to always make a statement, teamed with a plunging neckline and a bare back do indeed take my frivilous fancy. The current issue of Vogue perfects Catherine McNeil across the cover in a Louis Vuitton statement piece, ever so now and ever so back then in fruitful fuschia. All this current emphasis has reminded me of a similar black version I picked up in a vintage store a few years back, I think it's time I resurrected it from the depths of my wardrobe!

The best place to look for vintage playsuits is in fact online, I have pursed a few dazzelers via the internet and have been pleased with the results! There are also a few of the major chainstores running them, but chances are you may run into another fashionista wearing your fantastic find!

Whether you prefer short leg, long leg, strapless, halter, patterned or plain there is a jumpsuit for all..

Don't be scared of them... they are really harmless and alot of fun...

...happy viewing...


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