Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Energised by...

Motivation can be defined as the energising force that activates or triggers behaviour, which provides purpose, direction and drive to that behaviour (Quester 2009)

We all come from different places and all want different things, so when it comes down to it…what energises you to get your motivation moving?
Knowing that the weekend weather is looking sunny and surreal, wanting to get that fantastic promotion or maybe… for you fashion lovers, a run down on the new seasons trends and looks that will revive any lost soul!
Apparently denim is getting skinnier and shinier (get your shoe horn out, because you may need it to squeeze into these babies), everything is over be-dazzled (Who hasn’t wanted to dress like they did on Dynasty) and print (PUCCI!) is creating a perfect puzzle as to what to style it with.

For some, these looks energise and electrify us into realms of style havens, where we dream about where we will parade these imaginary looks right into life.

Currently energising…
x !

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  1. I love your blog! Who wouldnt want to look sparkly, shiny and beautiful all day long!