Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wishing you were in the age of Innocence...

Who hasn't wanted to be prom queen... in your tulle delight and princess tiara, isnt it every little girls dream right? It seems to draw from a fairy tale innocence that has been built over my decades of social myths.
Innocence is a funny word, it can be interpreted in many ways and many likes. It can come in the form of your actions, personality and definatley the way in which you dress to impress.

Some of us prefer to tap into our inner innocence by portraying hues of behaviour, styled by elegant fits and coloured in taste. Others, on the other hand prefer to break styles, forget the rules and lose respect for themselves. Just because you have grown up, doesn't mean you have to stuff up.

Personally, I prefer pretty 1950's styled frocks...they tend to leave you in a state of wishing you were in the age of innocence. Perfect in elegance with a tapered waist, full bust and skirt will do bring out the lady in you. Lovely for Spring and Eclectic enough to cause a stir these antique darlings always play fair.

Dress nicely and play nicely...

For Tracey, my other lover of all things tullescent...

Hairspray - the best ode to the full skirt on the modern Silver Screen!

Grease Barbies!!!

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