Monday, August 31, 2009

Spring Flings...

Spring is the beginning of new things, new conquests and new loves, goodbye Winter hues, boots and gloves…. But only for another season, we will see you soon when the first leaves drop come fall.

Flowers begin to blossom, the mornings come brighter and sun does shine much whiter. We begin to remember the florals from last season, parties and events all of which are for a definite reason.

Down to Flemington the hoards make their way, for a lucky start in fashion or the stakes come derby day. And then there comes those Spring Flings, held together on wispy romantic whims – will you be lucky in love this spring?

Mani’s, Pedi’s, Waxing, special spa retreat delights, check your legs ladies, because no Spring outfit is acceptable in tights.

And on comes the carousel of colour whether it be iridescent lollipop shades or soft delicate pastels which subtly cause a stir. Stay true to your colours, believe in your style and stay true to yourself.

Promise me you will make it your September to remember.

x !

Blair and Serena - beginning Spring Flings in a floralescent style

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton

This Saturday night brought me to the ACMI with a fine friend in Valeria, to see none other than Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton on film. An artistically composed collaboration of all things Marc and all things Vuitton (that Marc does so well) had me sitting on the edge of my seat.

We were lucky enough to be allowed into the magical world of Marc Jacobs behind the scenes, from his New York workshops with devoted staff, his backstage fashion shows with flawless models and his personal moments where his design ideas seem to engage him and everyone else around. We learned that Marc lives off protein shakes and bars, pins, finger nails and cigarettes teamed with very late nights and early starts to get him where he is today. His ideas and inspiration seem like an endless stream of enviable creativity, which metamorphose into styles and designs that the world of fashion follows lovingly every season.

Continuously living life in the fast lane, Jacobs jets off to Paris back and forth, to none other than the offices of Louis Vuitton. Here we were allowed into the surreal realm of what goes on during the creative process at this famous French fashion house. From distressing fabric flowers for headbands under an industrial iron, or perfecting a slashed hole in a t-shirt, everything is done with immense style and care, only the best for the very best.

Staying true to the Vuitton monogram Marc incorporates the logo each season into different mediums for the world-famous bags, whether it be denim, vinyl, appliqué , or teaming up with an inspirational artist for further design dramatics. The epitome of Marc’s bag design – the contrasting patchwork LV Tribute bag, a cool £35,000 for those of you who can afford to splurge. A collaboration of fifteen famous LV bags including the denim, the red vernis and the classic brown monogram and others, all held together with gold hardware and finished perfectly with a large gold chain to fashionably hang from your forearm. Jacobs decided himself that this would ‘look best with bare long sexy legs.’

Contrasting the lives of these two great fashion houses between the one man from New York to Paris was indeed an inspirational viewing for those who adore fashion. I highly recommend you go and see this film if you are lover of all things that inspire great design.

Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, what a great start to Melbourne Spring Fashion Week!

x !

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I remember...

ntitled Stationery
Untitled Stationery
Versace Atelier Couture, Spring/Summer 2002. For me, it was my first year studying fashion, I needed inspiration, guidance and something to fall in love with.

This collection described by Donatella herself, as 'a circus of color and crystal' will forever remain in my deep fashion-memoirs. The range of severe contrasting colors teamed with sparkling sentiments scattered over goddess-gowns still strikes a pose for me, seven years worth of fashion later.

My favorite was always the hot pink mini-dress, defiant square neckline teamed with bold lines of livid-lime, horizon blue and black, clearly making a standout statement on its own. Don't worry about a jacket, don't even worry about the shoes, this dress will do all the talking. To me this style is a classic, because I don't think there would have been one moment where I would not have wanted to prance about in it... just because it isn't black doesn't mean it isn't a classic. I would have sold my soul to have this dress back back in 2002 and highly still likely now.

Next on my list, the dazzling tiny romper in its sequined solace, rainbow palette and swinging tassels. Some you may think ridiculous, but what a work of art - it deserves to be on display in a fashion realm or gallery of some sort. It reminds me of marching girls or ballet dancers, but in Versace Couture. Where would you wear this one in all it's glory?

Following this, a star-spangled statue of tulle, chiffon and silk takes the next place (although there is about 20 other pieces in this collection I could continue to go on about). It reminds me of stars in the sky on a clear night casting a perfect shine to captivate an intimate audience. While most would need to be a size 6 and 185cm tall to wear something like this, we can still dream can't we ...

What is your first memory of something you inspire to?


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In need of: Smash ‘em Fashion

As of current times, preferring shock hues more than anything else on this planet has encouraged some serious ‘wardrobe hunting’ in the last few weeks. (Definition: to find golden oldies within your current selection you may have forgotten about).

On my travels throughout a spring clean I discovered this fabulous vintage Geoff Bade jumpsuit for only those who really dare. This disco-ensemble has been sitting in thy wardrobe for about 3 years now, waiting patiently for its time to shine.

Plunging neckline, (hollywood tape PLEASE!), a perfect tapered pant, enough batwing to declare lust and that little sash with the gold sequin motif. How 70’s of this little glamour piece – which only requires a bold-minded pair of stilettos and some disco-dazzle earings.

Stay true to your bright blues and hues – contrast your colours with your features whether you rock the light or the dark side, persevere and you will smash ‘em with your fashion. With Melbourne Spring Fashion Week only a few sleeps away don’t let anything stop your inspiration.

Until then enjoy, Oh and I’ll be waiting for you at studio fifty four.


x !

Saturday, August 22, 2009

black and white...

Today is Sunday, the morning after, and I talk to you today about black and white. No grey tones murking inbetween, just simply one way or the other. Left or Right? Up or Down?

Melbourne’s Inner City club’s soirees dressed in those monochromatic hues, and few splashed in colour pre-spring , and others lathered n black with those who dare and prepare in white. According to fashion folklore Black is more sinister, sexy and grown up, while white tends to portray an image of innocence, purity and naivety.

Do you act accordingly inline to the way in which you dress? Does a tight little black dress mean you will party tarty - does a gorgeous white shift mean lady of the day? What choices do you make when it comes to dressing for a certain behavioural role…do your past experiences influence how you present yourself in this world today?

Do you let other individuals influence your fashion choices as to follow the crowd with trends, you don’t have the confidence, or tone it down because a significant other won’t let you shine?

We all have the right to make our own choice, in fashion, in life, in love…

Can you take the high road and not look black?

Or will you gamble and believe the white lies, you tell me if it’s worth it and I may consider.

x !

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Swimsuit

Yesterday I must have definitely been feeling the vibe with my rant on watermelon... still keen to embark on my 'watermelon kaftan with gold accessories mission' I noticed a bit more of this snappy colour on the television this morning…

…none other than Miss Jennifer Hawkins parading down the SS 09 Myer runway with this fabulous ensemble – apparently a swim suit, it’s frou-frou ruffles and its studded Swarovski extravagance had me at hello.

After some light research this morning, it was revealed that Miss Hawkins herself had a small wardrobe malfunction in the swimsuit, giving some a bit more than they expected to see at a fashion show – I don’t care about all that media hype, I just want that amazing swimsuit.

And then after further reading, I discovered it was a one off created for the show for her Cozi swimwear parade finale. So I highly doubt I will be getting my hands on that one. (There go my dreams of teaming the top with a high waisted black skirt and killer heels…)

Well I hope you enjoy the below for your review, in a fashion way… not the other way!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

tutti fruitti

Spending my lunch break enjoying today's delightful sunshine - the creative forces in my mind started ticking away.

Colour of the moment for me.... Watermelon. Bright, Iridescent, Lolly-pop Watermelon. A perfect contrast with the platinum locks (and also for you lovely brunettes), it seems to style well with metallics and can be spliced with any other hue from the fruit box. I think I may embark on a small project for this weekend, a kaftan dress, in watermelon silk, with a gold rope belt, gold fanned earings... etc...e

Other colours of the moment... (as I don't ever stop at one)...
  • Lime; Neon Lime in either large or small doses, the colour seems to work well with black and a little bit of Bleached out denim. One of my favorite purchases is a pair of Marc Jacobs Neon Lime pumps, the perfect pump in the perfect colour.
  • Acidic Purple, that rude shade that makes everyone look - they all scream fluro!!! But, deep down we all love a bit of it. Always available in fabulous accessories.
  • Cobalt Blue, any takers? Yes I bet you are all keen.
The most important point to consider when playing with these shades, if you dare, is to use them as an accent, no one wants to experience techni-colour vomit and fluro-fury, like someone I used to know.

So team up your next black outfit with a snippet of colour on your heels or around your neck, or for you that dare, opt for a bright ensemble next time you hit the street!


no photos after 2am thanks...
But you can snap my lime pumps and purple bag at any time

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lady of the Day - Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis

Untitled Stationery

Lady of the day: Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis ... (a mouthful in its own right) takes today's limelight as my lady of the day. In my recent spare time I have been spending reading about this American Queen from her early socialite ways to her Whitehouse days - I have discovered intelligence, strength and beauty were dealt in fine wealth to this lady.

We fashion lovers tend to idolise JBKO for her simplicity and classic style especially throughout the 1960's. Classic Shift Dresses, Elegant Ball Gowns (for Inauguration Day and State Galas Dinners of course) and those oversize sunglasses - are heavy influences on many looks of past, present and soon to be future.

And here I leave you with a few fine snaps of Her Royal Highness herself

Forever Jackie!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

time to get my barbie on

No sooner had I dreamt about Summer days and ways ahead, Melbourne did it's usual - changed face - and delivered a very windy cold snap. (Back to Black for the evening...*sigh*)

Raring the riot act at Circus, the ladies and I nearly got blown right off Chapel Street, however in doing so, I noticed these absolute stunners in the window of Wittner shoes... Bubble Gum Pink, Sky High Platforms and a Killer Spike heel made me feel very light headed indeed.

A perfect contrast with Black a
nd Perfect for Spring Flings... justification now complete.

Time to get my 'barbie on' I say...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Dreaming of pool side glamour

Living in the beautiful city of Melbourne means that you need to know how to wear black, how to layer and how to make the most of your winter accessories to keep up on the style dials... however on days in August when the sun comes out, us Melbourne ladies get a little excited for those summer days and summer ways.

Maxi dresses, kaftans, fruit tingled gem stones mixed with glam gold - all an irresistible cocktail of poolside glamour that never fails. Turquoise teamed with jet black or what about Schiaparelli's shocking pink with a rocking purple... colour is back... and it's about time. Let's leave the mono-chromatics for next A/W...

inspired completely by...

and on the the first day....

A friend recently said to me ' why don't you get a blog?' - to be honest, I had thought about it - but I just hadn't put pen to paper or so to speak.

My name is Elizabeth-Ann and I am a high devotee of fashion - fashion is everywhere and is something we can't escape, but we can let it entrance us and become a focal point. I work fashion, I study fashion, I dress fashion, I talk fashion, I believe fashion and learn fashion, every day of my life.

So here I am sharing with you my loves, my conquests, my finds, my trends and my memories of all the things I adore.